CI2S Labs is a group of researchers with expertise in the research, study and development of applications using Computational Intelligence.

It was founded on June 4th, 2013. The group is dedicated to the promotion of applied research in Soft Computing technologies, to help develop software and hardware products that add value to different sectors of our society.

The main activities of the CI2S Lab are:

  • Consulting: Using our personnel expertise for new research centres start-up, giving advice for a better student participation in research activities, paper revisions, topic evaluation, professional training, contacts with international experts, and many other activities related to research in the field.
  • Research and Development
  • Promoting Computational Intelligence and related technologies
  • Participating in Social Implications of advanced technologies


Currently there are more than 20 members coming from different areas and countries. The team is always open to receive new researchers who are eager to participate in the different activities. The requirements for being member of this group is the desire to participate in collaborative groups, read/speak English and to have elementary knowledge of algorithms.
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